Day Two * Soul Survivors * VBS 2010

It rained this morning…. all morning.  That didn’t stop us though – we just moved the outside activities inside and kept on as usual.  🙂

Today I tagged along with the “Praying Pelicans” (6-8 year olds).  They each have such fun personalities and great smiles.  They’re pretty funny too…..

“Is this (honeydew melon) just a green cantaloupe?”


“Don’t hotdogs come from giraffes?”

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One thought on “Day Two * Soul Survivors * VBS 2010

  1. Yes, they certainly DO have FUN personalities! 😉 HeHe! LOVE the one of the boy with the “eyes” on his head! 😀 LOLROF!!!! Such sweeties at this age! 😉

    Love and Hugs and Blessings!
    Have a great day tomorrow! (hopefully it won’t rain). 🙂

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