Just in case you didn’t know, photographers love textures.  So, I thought it would be fun to devote a whole post to this particular kind of wonderfulness.  😉  Here are six random textures that I found around the house (inside and outside).  Can you figure out what they are?

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9 thoughts on “textures

  1. 1. Raw wood with a knot.

    2. Fringe of a blanket? Maybe?

    3. Hair.

    4. The edge of a leaf or a plant?

    5. A straw basket… handle?

    6. Beetle?

    lol – mostly random guesses.. you can tell by the “?’s”


  2. love this girl! but you can tell me what they are… David had good guesses. =)

    {but the ‘hair’ one…I think it is Bingley’s fur…haha}

  3. Okay. Here we go.
    1. Fence board
    2. Scarf
    3. Poodle Curls 😉
    4. Metal (gutter down spout)
    5. Garden Hose
    6. David… you get bonus points for this one. Right on.


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