photo study | #5

Photo Study: My Great-Grandmother’s Bible

My great-grandmother, known as Gigi, was a remarkable lady.  Widowed not long after the Great Depression and left with several children ages thirteen to infant, her life was hard one.  But she had a lot of determination and spunk.

Ninety-seven.  That’s how old she was when she passed away.  (As a side-note, she was the only great-grandparent that I ever knew.)  Her legacy was over nintety descendants strong counting all of the children, grandchildren, great- and great-great-grandkids.

Yesterday I was thinking of the many things I’m thankful for.  One thing that came to mind is a godly heritage.  At Gigi’s funeral, her pastor shared how she was always at church.  Once she stopped driving (when she was ninety-five!) someone would usually give her a ride to church.  If that person was late she would walk the few blocks over to the church.  In the words of her pastor, “Some of you wouldn’t even come to church if we sent a limousine for you!”

I’m thankful for her testimony and for the godly heritage she left behind.

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