photo study | #7

Photo Study: My Piano 🙂

Several weeks ago I did a photo study on my dad’s guitar… So  figured it was time to do a mini-study on my own instrument.  It’s been longer than I care to admit since I’ve taken photos of my piano.  A lot of hours have been spent practicing for recitals, practicing for voice lessons (yes, a piano came in mighty handy for that! 😉 ), and playing “just for fun”.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sing unto him a new song;
Play skilfully with a loud noise.
[Psalm 33:3]

10 thoughts on “photo study | #7

  1. This so reminds me of CO!! =) Lovely pictures. I really like your photo study series… makes me want to do one…

    [oh, and the falling snow makes me want to switch back to wordpress just for that feature! lol]

  2. I love the piano! Music is such a wonderful part of my life…and it is SO relaxing to just play the piano! I need to make more time to do it. Love this post!

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