I’m back with more thoughts that have been rolling around…  I always wonder how these “random thoughts” of mine will turn out once I write them down.  Hopefully it’ll make a little sense – we’ll see! 🙂

This book has been on a secular best seller list for decades.  It’s the most accurate piece of literature ever written.  It has the power to change your life –  In some places, owning one can cost you your life.

This is the Word of God.  It is unlike any other book – just read about it:

The word of the LORD is right.
The word of the LORD is tried.
Thy word is a lamp unto my feet.
Thy word is very pure.
Thy word is true from the beginning.

What has really been impressed upon me lately is the incredible privilege that it is to have this Book.  We have at our fingertips in this Book the intimate details of the law of God, the love of God, the people of God, the church of God, and the Son of God.  This Book has “predicted” countless events that all came true – and it “predicts” more to come.  It lays out clearly Who made us, why we’re here, who we are, and who God is in comparison.  It was written by the Creator of everything and still He cared to carefully preserve it over the centuries for you and I to have.

All of that in one Book.  It’s something else, isn’t it?

So the next time you pick up your Bible to read it (which I hope it soon!), don’t just think of it as another book.  Remember  the incredible privilege it is to read the actual Words of God.

My heart standeth in awe of Thy word. [Psalm 119:161]

[Scripture from Psalms 33:4, 18:30, 119:105, 119:14, and 119:160]

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