three words

[The “random” thoughts keep coming and certain verses keep surfacing… so I’ll keep passing it on. 🙂 ]

Who are you living for?  I don’t mean, “Who do you say you’re living for”.  It’s pretty easy to say one thing and do something completely opposite.  What I mean is… Your actions, your motives, your opinions, your thoughts, your life…  What do they say to others?

Step back and examine- evaluate.  Does your life have a theme that is based on what you say, think, and want?  In other words, do you “reek of you”?

Or are you more or less invisible with something – Someone – shining through you?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about a couple of verses from 1st Corinthians…

You are not your own…
You were bought at a price.

Think about it!  For some mind-blowing reason that I’ll never comprehend God took a interest in a bunch of sinful, rebellious people.  And no small interest either.  He gave up His only Son – sent Him to die a brutal death.  For us. We are “bought at a [precious] price” indeed!

And really, with the price we’ve been bought at, why would we assume that we were “our own”?

I love the closing part of 1 Corinthians 6 – it sums up much better what I’m trying to say.  It give us our life mission in three words:

Therefore glorify God.

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