holy ground

The story of the burning bush is probably my favorite part of the life of Moses.  Part of the story takes a little imagination to visualize…. A bush that’s burning but not burning up?  Like Moses, I think I would have been a little curious and tried to get a closer look too.  Moses quickly realized that this was no ordinary fire – This was God!

After all…

“Our God is a consuming fire.”

My favorite part of the story comes when God tells Moses to take off his shoes.  Why?  This was “holy ground”.

Think about it!  God is so infinitely holy that His holiness permeates the very ground.  God is so holy that simply calling Him “holy” doesn’t suffice.  Exodus 15:11 tells us that God is “glorious in holiness”.  And in Heaven they are so overwhelmed with His presence and His holiness that they worship Him as three times holy:

“Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty…”

Before the holy ground part of the story, though, comes another profound part.  When Moses sees this strange burning bush, he makes a point to “turn aside”.

I wonder how many times we miss out on chances to see God at work simply because we don’t turn aside like Moses did?  Sometimes (maybe more like “most of the time”) I’m pretty sure we have no clue just Who God is and what He wants to accomplish through us given the chance.

Take a little time to think about it –  And “turn aside, and see this great sight” – Our infinitely Holy God.

6 thoughts on “holy ground

  1. I love the thought that you pulled out that we need to “turn aside” to see what God is doing and how He is speaking to us. So very good. I love the way you’ve been sharing your thoughts on different scripture verses. So encouraging!

    • 🙂 Thanks, David! I’m glad to share – and it makes my day to know that y’all enjoyed reading! 🙂

      I wrote this post several days ago – before I ever realized that this just happens to be the lesson that we’re doing Sunday morning during Family Bible Hour. Thought that was pretty cool how the Lord set that up. 🙂

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