We serve an amazing God.  We all know that, but I wonder how often we actually let the reality of who He is sink in.  I think it’s good for us to step back from time to time and just “bask” in the knowledge of who the Lord is and what He’s like.

Holy to a magnitude I’ll never be able to understand.  Loving in a selfless, senseless (ie- we don’t deserve it) way.  Just  and fair far beyond our human standards of justice.  Unlimited by space or time.

And faithful.

When I think of faithfulness I think of the very end of the Flood: God’s faithfulness in preserving a remnant and His faithfulness in providing a more tangible symbol  of His faithfulness to His promises.

If I could pick one of God’s qualities as a favorite, I think I’d pick faithfulness.  In a way it seems like faithfulness is the foundation for the rest of God’s character and being.  I might call faithfulness “never-changing-ness” or “forever-ness”.  It’s because of His faithfulness that we can rest assured that He will *remain* holy, loving, and just.  Forever.

Know therefore that the LORD Thy God,
He is God,
The faithful God,
Which keepeth covenant and mercy with them that love Him
And keeps His commandments to a thousand generations.
[Deut. 7:9]

Wouldn’t you agree that faithfulness is a beautiful trait of God?


8 thoughts on “faithful

  1. Great thoughts! It’s sad how those who deny the global flood also then malign the character and faithfulness of God. (sorry, little rant)
    Love the photo – where was it taken?

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