italy [re]view * part 1

The next several posts are going to be thoughts about my recent trip to Italy…. I’m not sure how long this will go on, so bear with me.  🙂  I’ve got a lot of thoughts rolling around and a lot of thoughts that keep surfacing.  (It takes a while to process two weeks of immersion in another culture on another continent.)

One thing that our team leaders encouraged us to do near the end of a trip was to write about our time in Italy – to take time to record favorite memories and lessons learned.  One suggestion to keep the writing from becoming an overwhelming job was to make simple lists…  It seemed like a good idea!  I’ve come up with about half a dozen different lists about Italy that I’ll post over time…

Ten Words that Describe Italy

1. Imposing

“impressive in size, bearing, dignity, or grandeur”

The Coliseum.  The Pantheon.  St. Peter’s Basilica.   The Roman Forum.  

2. Mysterious

“exciting wonder, curiosity, or surprise”

We all came to the conclusion that in Italy it seems as if every door, road, window, and alleyway has a story to tell.

3. Diverse

“composed of distinct or unlike elements”

So much variety in a country that’s roughly the size of New Mexico.

4. Antique

“being in the style or fashion of former times”

Quite frankly, Italy is old…  It’s quite a feeling walking into a building that’s the oldest fill-in-the-blank in the world!

5. Rich

“meaningful, significant”

Italy (Rome in particular) has a rich, world-impacting history that goes back for centuries.

6. Unique

“being without a like or equal”

Villages that have to be hiked into (that’s unique to a city girl…).  Watery streets.

7. Hectic

“characterized by activity, excitement, or confusion”

Crazy-big crowds in Rome.  Packed-and-then-some-to-capacity subways.

8. Relaxed

“being at ease or at rest”

As hectic as Rome was, the Italian people are relaxed and easy going.  They take their time at meals (lasting for hours) and when running trains (ie- no-show trains).

9. Passionate

“expressing intense feeling”

To put it simply, Italians enjoy life.

10. Magical

“giving a feeling of enchantment”

If you were to look up “magical” in a thesaurus, Manarola and Venice would be there.

all definitions from

2 thoughts on “italy [re]view * part 1

    • Thanks David! 🙂 Be looking for part two… and three… and four… etc. 😉 lol! 🙂 I’m looking forward to telling you all about it *in person* too! 😀

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