italy [re]view * part 2

On to list #2 with more to come in the near future!

Ten Things I Heard in Italy…

1. Car horns

They’ve got them and they know how to use them.  New York might be the “city that never sleeps”, but I’ve got a hunch that Rome is a close second!  That’s okay… I like hearing the noises of big cities.

2. “Ciao!”

It’s the casual, Italian greeting… similar to “Hey!” and “Bye!”  We heard this almost everywhere we went with the exception of Venice.  Venetians have their own way of doing things.

3. “Grazie!”

The way you say “thank you”.  We were encouraged by our team leaders to say it often to the locals – and as one of our team members pointed out, it’s one of the only Italian words we know…. so we might as well use it!

4. Commercials in the Stations

We heard the same two commercials almost every day… almost every time we were in a train station… in almost every town in Italy…  So much so that it became a running joke!

5. Trains

Subways coming.  Trains approaching the station.  The rattle and whoosh is almost deafening!

6. Water

One of my favorite sounds… so peaceful!  There’s nothing like hearing waves while you’re sitting on the beach or waking up to the “lap” of water just outside your window.

7. Boats

In Venice your boat is your car – They even “honk” like cars do!

8. *Step, step, step*

That is, the step, step, step of twenty people going up lots of stairs.  By the end of the trip the team consisted of twenty expert stair climbers. We literally climbed thousands and thousands of stairs – sometimes while carrying 40-50 pounds of luggage each!  

9. *Fizz* of “Water with Gas”

You have options… “With or without gas?” the waiter will ask.  It’s part of the Italian meal experience to have “fizzy water”.

10. Street Musicians

My favorite of Italy’s sounds.  Guitars.  Accordions.  Violins.  Even a singing gondolier or two.  


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