italy [re]view * part 3

List number 3… Is it me or is there a common theme of cappuccino, cafes and older people?  Heh…. 🙂

Ten Favorite Moments in Italy

1. Train Station in Venice

It’s a pretty amazing sight to walk out of a train station and down some stairs and see streets of water.  We were all a little giddy – “Hey! Guess what! We’re in Venice!”

2. Flowers on the Rialto Bridge

An old man was selling flowers on the Rialto Bridge… When Madey and I went to buy flowers he insisted on picking the best flowers from his stash.

3. Cafe in Venice

On our last day in Venice our train left around noon.  By this point we were over halfway through our trip and feeling a little tired, so we were all grateful for the chance to sleep in!  Once we were up and around we found a little cafe to get our morning cappuccino at.  When we left I noticed a little old man sitting there drinking his coffee… we went back about an hour later and he was still there…. Just enjoying quiet alley in Venice.

4. Shop in Vernazza

Village #4 of Cinque Terre is the shopping village.  One little shop that we went to was run by an old Italian lady.  Sitting next to her was a white cat in a basket.  The old lady saw that I had a camera with me and coaxed her cat to look at the camera.

5. Waves and Smiles

Venice is full of little alleys, doors to many, many apartment houses, and mysterious windows with shutters.  When we were walking back to our hostel one afternoon, we looked up and saw an older man looking out of his window waving and smiling big at us!

6. Sandwich Shop in Florence

We were standing and waiting on a sidewalk while our group leaders had a mini conference.  I noticed there was a little restaurant right next to us with a huge window.  When I looked in I saw a cute little boy eating a panini.  It was such a cute sight.  When the chef saw me trying to get the shot, he told the little boy to look over at me… and he did!  He looked, smiled, and I got the shot.

7. “My American Friends!”

The first place that our team leaders took us for dinner was a sidewalk cafe run by a 60-something Italian man who went by “Super Mario”.  He obviously loved his job – which made the experience even more fun!  When he saw us all walk in he grinned, held his arms out and shouted, “My American friends!!”

8. Cappuccino by the Fountain

One morning we had a morning shoot at Trevi Fountain… Three of us girls finished  little early, so we got permission to sneak away and find a “caffe” shop.  It was on a quiet little street and for most of the time we had the shop to ourselves.  This definitely stands out as a favorite memory from the whole trip!

9. Texans in Italy

You’ve heard of “American in Paris”, right?  Well, I think there should be a sequel called “Texans in Italy”.  I met not one, but two women in two different cities in Italy that were visiting from Texas.  What’s even more strange is that one was from the city I was born in and one was from the area I live in now.  *it’s a small world after all….*

10. Rain in the Afternoon

You have to see Rome when it rains.  And Cinque Terre.  And Venice.  (And I’m sure Florence, too…. it was dry when we were there.)  It adds an extra charm when the streets get wet and start reflecting and the colorful umbrellas come out.


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