italy [re]view * part 4

Be looking for the fifth (and final) list on Thursday… 🙂

At the end of each day we had a team meeting.  During the meeting everyone shared the best and worst part of their day.  “Best Part/Worst Part” was a great way to learn what everyone’s day was really like.  Hence the inspiration for this post – my ten worst and ten best parts of the trip.

I’m combining the two lists, because I couldn’t stand to have just a worst part post. 🙂   So… that said, the “worst parts” list isn’t intended to be negative!  It’s just continuing a PhotoEx Italy tradition…. Most of these things are pretty funny in hind-sight. 🙂

Ten Worst Parts

1. Shower Tokens

One token meant a whopping five minutes in the shower.  Thankfully, I do know how to shower quickly!

2. A Cold Shower

The bad part about the shower token?  It was a  C-O-L-D five minutes shower!  It didn’t take me long to learn to shower at night (after the water had a chance to warm up all day!) at that hostel.

3. Bugs

Our first hostel gave us a few extra roommates… bugs!   Ooooh!  Those bites were itchy!

4. Italian Napkins

Sticky gelato and a napkin that’s slightly better than notebook paper…. 😉

5. Termini – Rome’s Rail Hub

Not Termini itself, but the layout… It’s just not conducive to carrying 40 pounds of luggage around.  They certainly didn’t waste too much money on escalators.

6. Walnut Ravioli

It’s interesting stuff – something like raw dough and cheese in a dessert sauce… Only for dinner.  The poor cook!  I hope we didn’t offend him with how much we left uneaten…

7. “No Pictures”

The sign every photographer dreads….

8. Blisters

Blisters on the second day!  Thankfully, I brought flip-flops…. They were so much cooler anyways!

9. Unique Bathroom Facilities

…at a train station in a small village…  As one of my team leaders said, we “expanded our comfort zones”!

10. Long Lines at Fiumicino

I spent a good two hours in line between getting my boarding pass and processing through security.  That was stressful. 😉

Ten Best Parts

1. A Dress

Styles in Europe (on the whole) are more feminine that our styles in the States… Lots of skirts and dresses.  When I found that out I decided that my souvenir would be a dress from Italy.  On one of the last days, a group of us girls went shopping.  And I found my dress…

2. Nutella Gelato

I’m not sure that that needs to be expanded on…. Seriously!  That’s some GOOD stuff!

3. Free Wi-fi

Either the Italians don’t like to stay in touch as much as we do or they aren’t as internet-dependent as we are…. Wi-fi can be hard to come across!  The words “free wi-fi” are happy words indeed – made Skyping and chatting back home so much easier!

4. The View at the Top

We climbed so many steps and so many hills during our stay.  The view was always worth it too!

5. Washing Clothes

Laundry soap has never smelled so sweet! 😉  Washing in the sink and drying on my travel clothesline made clean clothes possible!

6. Sending Postcards

I’m not one to send postcards when we’re on vacation, but I could resist the thought of cool Italian stamps and Vatican City postmarks!

7. Dying Laughing

I like doing this wherever I find myself, so it was a happy discovery to find another girl on the Italy team with the same “philosophy”.  And one night we died laughing in the middle of a pizza kitchen in Rome.

8. Early Morning Walks

We took early morning walks in Rome, Florence, and Venice.  It was always special to see each city in the morning – before the people started stirring…. Made you feel like you were the only ones there.

9. Getting There

It was a feeling of accomplishment to know that I had “made it” after long hours of travel.  It was also a great feeling coming back and realizing I was back on “home soil”!

10. Rainbow

Rainbows are always a special sight – but the double rainbow over Manarola seemed extra beautiful!

6 thoughts on “italy [re]view * part 4

  1. Where’s the picture of your dress?!?!?!? I want to see it!

    hahahah, I love that feeling, of dying laughing. It’s the best! Who did you get to share it with? 🙂

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