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Day #21- Self-Portrait (again)

Lately I’ve found out that phones can be *happy* things. 😉 😉  And I also like vintage things.  So…. I decided to combine the two – why not shoot this self-portrait assignment with a vintage phone? 🙂

This is easily one of my hardest-to-pull-off self-portrait ideas ever. 😉   Yes, I felt a little silly practicing my phone expressions – without talking to someone.  No, I’m not going to tell you that it took over 150 tries to get what I wanted…. 😉

My inspiration behind the shoot are a couple of vintage telephone ads (here and here) that I came across. Using that as a sort of launching pad, I borrowed an unrelated idea from Norman Rockwell and decided to tell a story, in series, with self-portraits.  It made for a long, but fun photo experiment. 🙂


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