365 Days of Gratefulness | Day Twenty-Three


I’m grateful for my mom being so willing to babysit our little man while we’ve been remodeling the new house.


Baylor [an adoption story and photo essay]

Meet Baylor.

He’s a two or three year old Great Dane mix.  We adopted him from a fantastic shelter in Norman, OK (www.secondchancenorman.com).  Baylor is the perfect blend of couch potato, family companion, and big (huge?) dog.  Baylor was picked up as a malnourished stray by a city shelter and eventually made it into Second Chance’s hands where they worked hard to get him in great physical shape.

Our “baby horse” has been with us for almost a week now.  We’ve been getting to know each other, have been teaching him that the two of us are his friends, but also his bosses (a must with a dog so big), and enjoying seeing him make little breakthroughs….   We’ve been continuing the training they began and are also working on packing those pounds back on him.  Not knowing his long-term background or how long he was a stray, we’ve noticed that some basic things like how to play had to be taught to Baylor.  It was fun to watch the light come on as he discovered how awesome rawhides are and lately we’ve been enjoying watching him figure out his ball.  It was a big deal that he even picked it up the first time!  We’re even noticing that his bones aren’t quite as noticeable as they first were when we adopted him.  Bring on the pudge!

As a fun little project, I decided to put together a photo essay capturing some of Baylor’s favorite activities like sofa-sitting and window-watching along with a “Baylor Breakthrough” or two, like the supervised demolishing of his rawhide.  Enjoy! 🙂

photo study | #5

Photo Study: My Great-Grandmother’s Bible

My great-grandmother, known as Gigi, was a remarkable lady.  Widowed not long after the Great Depression and left with several children ages thirteen to infant, her life was hard one.  But she had a lot of determination and spunk.

Ninety-seven.  That’s how old she was when she passed away.  (As a side-note, she was the only great-grandparent that I ever knew.)  Her legacy was over nintety descendants strong counting all of the children, grandchildren, great- and great-great-grandkids.

Yesterday I was thinking of the many things I’m thankful for.  One thing that came to mind is a godly heritage.  At Gigi’s funeral, her pastor shared how she was always at church.  Once she stopped driving (when she was ninety-five!) someone would usually give her a ride to church.  If that person was late she would walk the few blocks over to the church.  In the words of her pastor, “Some of you wouldn’t even come to church if we sent a limousine for you!”

I’m thankful for her testimony and for the godly heritage she left behind.

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photo study | #3

This phonograph belonged to my great-grandmother….  Her name was Agnes, but among the family she was known as “Ma Aggie”.   While I never knew Ma Aggie, I’ve heard a lot about her.  I know that she had a “thing” for aprons, quilts, and that she left several amazing recipes behind – including the world’s best chicken and dumplings.  (The dumplings will have to wait for another post… 😉 )  I have a feeling we would have gotten along really well. 🙂

Photo Study: Sparton Phonograph

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*Turn Your Radio On*

Last night I *finally* got around to taking some pictures of my great-grandmother’s (Grandma Wade) 1939/1940 Motorola radio.

There’s something about “vintage” that tells a story without much help. “Vintage” always seems to have a sense of emotion…

Here you have it- Grandma Wade’s radio through my eyes.

Studies on a Phonograph

I’m convinced that sometimes God opens our eyes a little wider to see beauty around us.  Sometimes that beauty is evident in something He made- and sometimes that beauty is seen is something He enable someone else to make.  That’s what I love about photography.  It’s about capturing beauty.  Unique beauty.  (Believe it or not overflowing trash cans *do* have an odd sense of some kind of beauty around them…. I’ve got pictures to prove it. hehe.)

Today I saw beauty in a piece of furniture that’s been in our house for years.  As long as I can remember….  I’m honestly not quite sure how we came to have it.  Today, though, my great-grandmother’s phonograph had a lovely vintage beauty.